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Management mentoring & Strategic Planning


Animos partners have founded and / or run numerous diverse companies. We therefore understand first hand the need for CEOs to have a mentor or business confidante to share experiences and explore thoughts that cannot yet be shared more widely.

We have been through the experiences of growing and downsizing companies. We have ‘been there’ and can therefore advise in an open and totally trustworthy manner that helps clients increase their capability and enjoyment.

Typical areas of discussion are:

  • Thoughts on how to run the company differently
  • Succession planning
  • Performance discussions / career thoughts on the executive team
  • Shareholder issues and opportunities
  • Brainstorming strategy prior to going public
  • Punching through glass ceilings
  • Avoiding pitfalls as the company goes through growth or downsizing

Strategic Planning

We suggest strategies to focus the business from a vision to a 3-year ‘picture’, with one-year goals. We help define these goals, which combine to deliver a practical overall plan. This is all about defining responsibilities in order to give structure to a business, helping individuals identify and achieve their targets.

We articulate specific actions to deliver the company vision or strategy, bringing practical experience and involvement to every line of the plan. This can include support with mid-year reviews and analysis sessions.

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