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Business Support

The Animos team has deep financial experience, particularly in the private equity arena. One of the team, Andrew Marchant, has played a major role in building three private equity firms which all now have prominent roles in the industry. We therefore understand what private equity and other investors are looking for and can guide entrepreneurs and companies through the often tortuous maze of raising necessary funds to deliver achievement of long term plans.

We can help companies in their relations with investors and other stakeholders, encouraging their support and enthusiasm for the people who are managing the business.

Elements of the type of support we offer include:

  1. Identifying the key drivers of shareholder value
  2. Focussing on key metrics
  3. Optimising the financial structure to support the business plan
  4. Preparing and supporting a company in future funding rounds
  5. Maximising the use of assets / optimizing balance sheet
  6. Effective financial reporting systems
  7. Managing cash flow
  8. Helping shareholders to ultimately realize their investment whether by company sale or listing on an approved stock exchange
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