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Executive Search

It has long been accepted that recruitment is one of the most vital tasks of management. Vital in the literal sense, in that new blood ensures the continued life and dynamism of the company.

Yet too often the prospect of recruitment is approached without enthusiasm. Perhaps because the briefing process is so onerous; there is too much re-cycling of people from the competition, too little new talent, too much calibration, too little instinct.

And this necessary instinct is not likely to come from consultants, but rather from experienced practitioners. As individuals who have practiced, rather than consulted, we understand the skills and qualities required for each role.

Thanks to over 20 years experience around the world in senior management in the CRM, BPO and Sales sectors, Animos partners know the people who are, right now, shaping the future; those multi-national candidates that are difficult for a single-market research team to unearth.

Because we have sat for many years in the hiring seat, we have built not only a unique network, but also the reflexes that enable us to spot high flyers with the potential to bring value and new promise to your business.

And with new talent comes the power to change.

If standing still is the surest way of moving backwards in an ever more competitive world, then willingness to challenge the status quo is an urgent requirement for all.

It is not enough simply to run the database. It is not enough to talk the talk. In these circumstances, it is useful to have the real thing on your side.

In these circumstances, it’s wise to call in the practitioners.

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