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Contact Andrew Tillard

Animos partners have held a number of different positions in the automotive distribution industry including board adviser, mentor to CEO, and director of different supplier companies.

We can offer thoughts and advice on the industry and help understand some of the key aspects of increasing revenues, supporting dealers or helping to grow a company in a very competitive space.

Call Centres & Bestshoring

Contact Glenn Hurley or Robert Scott Moncrieff

Animos has extensive experience in this sector. Several partners have worked in the customer contact centre world for over 25 years. In some ways the future for this sector has never seemed so positive and yet in others it seems so uncertain.

From the virtualisation of the call centre to the advent of the ‘knowledge worker’ and the demise of outbound calling (and the numerous options in between) there have been many changes over the years. The strategic pitfalls and opportunities are the most diverse they have ever been.

We are engaged with organisations of all sizes to advise on strategic options and customer contact strategy realignment. Staff costs have escalated in recent years and we are increasingly advising on long term strategic options that show excellent ROI.


Contact Andrew Marchant

There is increasing tension between the growing needs and expectations of an ageing population and the limited resources which governments and insurance companies are able to provide.

Part of the resolution to this problem will come from innovation and increased efficiency that private sector healthcare companies are able to offer. Members of the team have held board positions in medical diagnostics, contact lens manufacturing and care homes and are keen to work with companies which have potential in this area.

Agriculture & Property

Contact Nigel Gourlay

We can help with the commercial and financial aspects of running farming companies, estates and residential property funds. We have wide experience of buying UK and overseas property, advising on appropriate organisational structure and funding and working with management to optimise business efficiency.

We offer broad experience, fresh eyes and a passion for farming, land and property.

Family Offices, HNWI & Trusts

Contact Nigel Gourlay

We have an excellent understanding of the needs of family offices, wealthy individuals and trusts. We develop long term relationships, becoming trusted advisers who can help individuals and their families manage and enjoy their wealth.

Our strength is in understanding what you want from life and turning that into commercial reality. We can help you develop long term objectives, instruct and manage legal and financial advisers, liaise with trustees and family members and act as director of family companies.

We have wide experience of buying and selling properties in the UK and overseas , dealing with on shore and off shore trusts and the tax issues involved. We also have good contacts in the wealth management industry for those needing investment advice.

We understand this role requires trust and sensitivity and can provide anything from light touch high-level advice through to detailed involvement and project management.

Business Services

Contact Andrew TillardAndrew Marchant

With many years’ experience in the global BPO, CRM and PRM industry we are involved with some of the world’s largest Financial Services organizations.

Typically we help our clients to:

  • increase income from existing customers by implementing strategies to cross sell or introduce new products
  • build the customer base utlilising customer acquisition strategies
  • improve the customer experience: better systems, processes and communication can reduce costs yet improve the customer experience. This often includes on and offshore solutions
  • match the correct outsourced partner to the client, with emphasis on improving customer experience


Contact Nigel Gourlay or Andrew Tillard

Our team has worked with some of the world’s top consumer and packaged goods companies at director, board adviser or investor level.

We can help develop and implement brand and trade marketing strategies and plan and project manage acquisitions.

We also frequently work as an independent sounding board for the managing or marketing director or as management team counsellor.


Contact Glenn Hurley

This is a sector that has struggled in recent years to earn adequate ROI from the bulk of its fund raising activities. New ways and means and new working arrangements are being tested constantly.

The Animos team, and the companies they have worked for, have managed activity for most of the UK’s leading not for profit organisations.

Many organisations are realising the importance of generating good quality customer data and using it to improve donor/customer communication and effectiveness.

Those in the public sector are also aware of the benefit of organising customer communication more effectively and are now looking for innovative ways to address their own niche issues with ideas transferred from successful private sector strategies.


Contact Robert Scott Moncrieff

Competition, regulation and technological innovation have led to massive change in the telco world. This in turn has led to some extraordinary value destruction as well as large-scale mergers and acquisitions across the sector.

Change on this scale is driving additional transformation. The old ways become the new ways, new begins to get old, paid-for services are free, and what was free is suddenly worth paying for.

To this background, the Animos team have been working to support new vendor recruitment plans, best-shoring, customer service optimization and sales through service strategies.

Business Services

Contact Andrew Marchant

As a partnership we have many years experience in starting, running and building service companies. Team experience includes ferry services, facilities management and the distribution of networking and communications products.

Our range of knowledge has been put to use offering services across probably every market sector at some stage of our careers.

Although this sector covers an exceptionally wide range of activities, they are all influenced by the long-term trends of outsourcing which provide numerous opportunities for strong organic growth and some counter-cyclical trends.


Contact Robert Scott Moncrieff

Balancing the requirements brought on by huge scale and the ongoing necessity for growth – the ultimate commodity product requires optimum competitive performance and constant innovation at every level and across every discipline to guarantee success.

The Animos team has considerable experience in helping both global and national utility players improve their business.

Projects have included sales optimization programs, supplier review, end-to-end customer contact optimization, service transformation programmes and sales through service.

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